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Whether your just starting to search your family tree or are a genealogy pro, we’re here to help with researching ties to
Randolph County, North Carolina.

Many of the pictures found on our website are from the Historical Photo and Post Card collections in the Randolph Room in the Randolph County Public Library.  Some are from personal collections loaned to the Library.   If you are interested in viewing the actual photos, stop by the Randolph Room.  They will be happy to assist you.

What's New at the Randolph Genealogical Society?

New Website

New Update

With additional options to serve our community better, we’ve revamped our website. More resources, frequent updates and a more user-friendly experience is sure to make your search a less tedious process. Have a look around and see what’s new!

We've Gone Digital


Paper Copies of back issues of our journal, as well as all other publications are no longer available in print.  We’ve gone DIGITAL!  Paid members can access all of these publications on this site.  Join today to access these files soon!

New Membership Options


Now offering a new membership platform that will store information you use in a digital locker and accessible at any time during your membership. Get digital files with every plan but addtional print and media options with other packages.

Join us and learn about your history, your relatives, where you came from and how it all fits together.


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